Broken: Publisher TBA

Can love survive the ravages of illness?

Having lived with rheumatoid arthritis since the age of five, Molly Sursock understands firsthand that life’s no picnic. Most days it’s a hard slog just getting out of bed, let alone keeping a low income job that puts further stress on her delicate joints.

Brock Owens knows the crippling disease when he sees it—his half-sister was one of the unlucky ones who suffered from juvenile arthritis—a condition that ended in her taking her own life at age fifteen. But that isn’t why Brock is attuned to Molly. Not only is she gorgeous, her inner strength and courage is beyond amazing.

Except Molly sees Brock’s interest in her as nothing more than pity. A man who wants to right past wrongs. Thanks to modern medicine, she’s left behind long years of dependence on her elderly parents, and she refuses to feel such impotence ever again. Not even Brock’s charm and amazing good looks will deter her from living life her own way.

Brock has known enough loss in his thirty-two years, he doesn’t want to experience it again in a hurry. Particularly not with the one woman he is all too quickly falling in love with. But just when he thinks Molly is reciprocating his deepening feelings, Molly concludes she's not meant for his world and he's better of without her. Now he just has to convince her that his billion dollar empire means nothing if he loses her...

Exclusive (VIP Desire Agency book 3) contemporary: Tule

Rock star, Amos Drynn isn’t interested in a relationship. He’s been there, done that, and wished he’d listened to his better judgment. As lead singer of the famous band, Frankenstein’s Blood, he’s not short of female attention, but in his world, a long term relationship isn’t feasible. Then he purchases a night with call girl, Tiffany, and a dreary night at an after-party concert suddenly gets interesting.

There’s something about this escort that makes his blood run hot and has him forget about his fear of commitment. He won’t be paying her as a front for his wild boy image, he’ll be taking her to bed for real. But will their explosive chemistry shatter her obsession to an ex-client, or will she turn her back on Amos, the one man willing to give her everything, including his heart?

Existence (paranormal:) Totally Bound

Escaping the nest of their vampire master is an amazing triumph. Surviving will be their greatest challenge of all.


I’ve been a blood slave to my vampire master for forty-six years. My rare blood makeup gives my master the perfect nutrition. My addiction to the couple of drops he feeds me in return ensures I have no compulsion to leave. I’m a willing blood donor, an immortal slave. And then my master brings yet another blood slave to his nest, and I can’t tear my eyes away from her.


I can’t believe I’ve been kidnapped. I definitely can’t believe vampires are real. But I soon learn they’re not just real, they’re cold and brutal, and will do anything for their bloodlust. Everything within me burns to escape, and if I have to use the other blood slave to do just that, I will. If I’m all too quickly seeing past his addiction and good looks to the man beneath, that’s just too bad. Survival is my focus; love and desire have no place in this nightmare I’m living. Does it?

Mutant Supreme (sci-fi)

Desert King (dystopian sci-fi)

Blood Chance (paranormal)