As I Am: contemporary: Tule Publishing

Can love survive the ravages of illness?

Having lived with rheumatoid arthritis since the age of five, Molly Sursock understands firsthand that life’s no picnic. Most days it’s a hard slog just getting out of bed, let alone keeping a low income job that puts further stress on her delicate joints.

Brock Owens knows the crippling disease when he sees it—his half-sister was one of the unlucky ones who suffered from juvenile arthritis—a condition that ended in her taking her own life at age fifteen. But that isn’t why Brock is attuned to Molly. Not only is she gorgeous, her inner strength and courage is beyond amazing.

Except Molly sees Brock’s interest in her as nothing more than pity. A man who wants to right past wrongs. Thanks to modern medicine, she’s left behind long years of dependence on her elderly parents, and she refuses to feel such impotence ever again. Not even Brock’s charm and amazing good looks will deter her from living life her own way.

Brock has known enough loss in his thirty-two years, he doesn’t want to experience it again in a hurry. Particularly not with the one woman he is all too quickly falling in love with. But just when he thinks Molly is reciprocating his deepening feelings, Molly concludes she's not meant for his world and he's better of without her. Now he just has to convince her that his billion dollar empire means nothing if he loses her...

Liberated (VIP Desire Agency book 4) contemporary: Tule Publishing

Can two men conquer one woman’s heart?

Savannah isn’t just any woman, she’s Eloise Chand, stunning call girl by night and regular woman by day. But though she’s vowed independence, can adopted brothers Saxon and Julian convince her that a permanent arrangement is the best thing … for them all?

Eloise escaped a life of suppression in Nepal to embrace freedom in Australia. But with little education and poor prospects, she uses her body to acquire independence, security and wealth. When her thoughts constantly return to her favorite clients, Saxon and Julian, she knows she’s in trouble. She doesn’t want her career destroyed by personal attraction. She’s a business woman first and foremost, and the Wolfe brothers aren’t part of her career plan. Besides, without the money she makes, her family back in Nepal will suffer, and she won’t allow her siblings to go through what she did. Not ever.

Adopted brothers, Saxon and Julian, mightn’t have the same biological parents, but they share more than their billion dollar real estate development business. Fast cars, wild parties and occasionally the same bed partners aren’t uncommon. But never in their wildest dreams did they expect to fall for the same call girl. She’s a woman whose hot-blooded sexuality and independence stirs something deep in them both. That she’s beyond willing to share the same bed with them is just a bonus they want to further explore.

But how do they permanently attain the one woman who just might be unattainable?

Uninhibited (VIP Desire Agency book 5) Contemporary: Tule Publishing


Can call girl Anna see past Benedict’s less than perfect physical façade to the man who loves her?

Anna was once a spoilt daddy’s little princess … until one fateful New Years Eve she is witness to her father shooting his best friend over a botched gun and drug deal. She soon uncovers her family’s nefarious past and despises what her surname, Leon-Zade represents. It’s a name synonymous to the biggest organized crime family in Australia. She can’t be what her family wants her to be anymore. She runs away and becomes Candy, beautiful and desired call girl.

Benedict Knight is the first to admit that he’s far from perfect, inside or out. His huge battered body, thanks to his ex-rugby days, isn’t the prettiest to behold, and he’s done things that he knows is best left in the past. But then he sees the most exquisite, perfect escort on the planet, and no price is too high to obtain her. He’ll stop at nothing to bring Candy to his huge cattle station for a weekend and enjoy her all to himself. Except Benedict has no idea that Candy is also Anna, daughter of a well-known and notorious family who will also stop at nothing to bring their disgraced daughter home, even if she doesn’t want to go.

But the Leon-Zayden family never factored in Benedict’s determination to stop them taking Anna away. In fact he will stop at nothing to keep Anna safe, period. When he succeeds against all the odds, his next goal is to release all of Anna’s emotional inhibitions and show her that bringing in the New Year doesn’t need to be a tribute for lies and deception. He intends to prove that it’s not just about resolutions … it’s about facing her fears and trusting her heart.

Defective (book 1 The Virgin Hunt Games) Sci-Fi

Damon Black never wanted to be a hunter in the Virgin Hunt Games. His stomach burns knowing that the hunted—the women who are also forced into the games—will lose their virginity to alien men who care nothing about them. But he’s been conscripted into the games held inside an amphitheater’s central tower, and death and dishonor awaits him if he refuses to participate.

With the Olympics phased out three centuries ago, billions of fans from Earth and the outer reaches of the galaxy will be watching him along with the other nine alien hunters and ten hunted women. He has no choice but to play along. Then he sees one of the beautiful hunted, Melody Simmons, and for a moment his heart stops beating. Suddenly he understands why his chieftain father ignored all protocol and the protests of his people to marry an Earth woman. He’ll fight to the death before allowing any other hunter to touch and deflower her.

If there’s one thing Melody wishes more than anything, it’s that she’d broken her hymen to one of the men in her village. At least she wouldn’t now be forcibly recruited to the Virgin Hunt Games. Except the moment she spies Damon, a part of her hopes he’ll be her hunter. If she can’t defend herself for the seven days of the games, at least she mightn’t totally abhor the sexual act with him. Then her name is drawn with the favorite to win, Bastion Dagger, and her hopes plummet. She has no choice but to outwit her hunter for the next seven days to keep her virginity intact.

When Damon helps her fight off the huge alien hunter, proving his amazing fighting skills, she’s far from grateful. He’s done her a favor and she has no doubt he’ll want one in return. She’s right. He wants to be her protector, but it comes at a price. He’ll be the one to take her virginity. She hates that her body screams yes even before she makes that decision. But maybe she’s foolish to think she can outlast a trained hunter? Maybe it is better to be taken by him than another hunter she despises even more. 

Dahlia (book 3 Dragons of Riddich)

Mutant Supreme (Sci-Fi)

Desert King (dystopian sci-fi)