Valor (Dragons of Riddich book 6) Sci-fi

The Bachelor Brothers of Sydney (three book series): Tule Publishing (contemporary)

Abducting the Princess: Nightmix bk 2 (Dystopian) 

Princess Mira is everything Mahaya wants in a woman and a shape shifter, but he's a nobody brought up by mortals who trained him as a pickpocket and thief. Even worse, he's a nightmix, a human and larakyte panther offspring whose ever present inner darkness keeps those around him in fear.

So what's a man to do but abduct the princess and save her from the larakyte haters who'd do anything to kill Mira and give the throne to ordinary mortals? Only time will tell if Mahaya can turn the princess' hatred around and make her see past his birthright to the real man beneath. The man who has loved her long before he saved her life.

Mutant Supreme (Sci-Fi)

A mutant tortured and barely alive. A woman restrained by a society she no longer trusts.

When Khalisa first sets eyes on the barely conscious mutant, Zielle, she isn’t prepared for the anguish within at seeing firsthand what the scientists in the Dome’s facility are doing to the ‘monsters’ who live outside the air-cleansed compound. But then she’s always rebelled against the rules. Always questioned and defied everything she’s been told since she and her brother, Dwight, were captured and saved from outside, where the chemical fallout would have turned them mutant too.

What she and her brother don’t know is that they are dormant mutants whose powers are yet to be triggered. They are also the last hope of saving a mutant clan, whose leader, Zielle, volunteers to be captured by the evil humans so that he can find and rescue the mutant siblings. But it’s only Khalisa he can free, and on the run from the humans who’d do anything possible to recapture them, he has to convince Khalisa that he’s on her side…and that the sizzling chemistry between them is just an added bonus.