Slayer: The Virgin Hunt Games bk 2 (sci-fi)

Abducting the Princess: Nightmix bk 2 (Dystopian) *to be republished*

Seducing the Huntress: NIghtmix bk 3 (Dystopian) *to be republished*

Galactic Burn: Alien Hunger bk 1 (sci-fi) *to be republished*

Galactic Inferno: Alien Hunger bk 2 (sci-fi) *to be republished*

Galactic Flame: Alien Hunger bk 3 (sci-fi) *to be republished*

Luminosity (Young Adult Sci-Fi)

Mutant Awakened (Sci-fi)

Chameleon (Paranormal)

Feline Freak (Fantasy)

Note: some of these stories are nearly complete, while others may take some time as I focus on current stories.